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"A++ for Alex Fish and Air-Tech Air Condition and Heating. I contacted Air-Tech in Spring 2021 to find out about the Mitsubishi Ductless HVAC system. Alex Fish, one of their Technicians, came to my home in Eagle Rock and made an impressive presentation of the features of the System, not only by talking about it, but by a thorough walk-through of the house, explaining in detail, how the options of the system would work. The aspect of Alex's presentation that impressed me the most was that he never tried to pressure me into a hasty decision. Just the facts, period. So I bought the system. The next stage was the installation. It was a pleasant surprise that Alex was not just the salesman, but actually guided the whole installation from beginning to end. A great service model from Air-Tech. The installation was a bit complex because I am in Raleigh, NC and the install wouldn't take place until March 2022. But Alex was great all the way. We did FaceTime meetings in which we determined the placement of the system components. It all went without a hitch thanks to his expert guidance. I now am the happy owner of the Mitsubishi Ductless System thanks to Alex Fish and all the great support people at Air-Tech.”

"I found every aspect of working with Air Tech to be top notch. From the very first friendly call to the service providers I have been thoroughly impressed. They fixed issues with my home units that others had overlooked. They installed a brand new commercial system in my office. Everything was done as they said it would be. On time on budget etc. Their follow up and follow through is 100% As a small business owner and service provider myself, I can not say enough about how impressed I am with this company.”

-Karen M.

Tujunga, CA

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

"Air-Tech replaced my whole HVAC system last summer. I was pleased with their work. The reason I’m posting now was because I’ve had neighbors who have had $1000 plus bills for power. My bill from Pasadena came today and the electricity was $153.00 for 2 months! Happy surprise.”

-Susan M.

Los Angeles, CA

“Air-Tech installed a 3 zone Mitsubishi mini-split system in our home this in September. We got quotes from five companies for the system and decided on Air-Tech because of Larry's knowledge and experience. The bid from Air-Tech was competitive. Air-Tech was not the lowest priced bid we got, but quality is worth paying for. I can say that out of all the HVAC companies we have worked with over the years Air-Tech surpasses them all by leaps and bounds. When I say this, I am coming from a place of experience. We have built our own house and we come from a family of architects and builders. We also had just finished working with another company (that shall remain un-named) around the same time to replace a different central air system. That other un-named company completed the job late, charged a higher price than what they proposed, and left our house and property a mess. Air-Tech however was knowledgeable, prompt, clean, trust-worthy, and professional. Larry even went out of his way to get our project done faster than their schedule should have allowed at the time. They were scheduling months out when I called during the big heat wave of the summer, but he got our project done in three weeks anyway. I had explained to Larry that we were without heating or cooling at the moment and really needed help. I did not tell him that the urgency was because my terminally ill mother was coming to stay with us and she needed good climate control. While Larry didn't know about my sick mother, he was able to understand the urgency in my tone I suppose. Larry put an extra crew on the job and oversaw the work himself. The fact that Larry came through for us made such a difference in our lives at the time. I am sharing this story to demonstrate that at the end of the day Air-Tech is a company of people who want to help people and on top of that they are excellent at doing what they do.

PS. I also enjoyed the Holiday Card they sent us this year.”

-Tara M.

Pasadena, CA

“I recently started having issues with my AC, where the breaker was tripping after running it for an hour or so. Given how hot it gets in the valley I knew I had to get it fixed asap. The first place that came out gave a me a list of issues with the unit and said that although I could repair it, because of its age (16 years) it might be in my best interest to just replace it. Seeing as how I don't have unlimited resources I decided to get a second opinion along with additional quotes in case I moved forward with a replacement.

Long story short, Rod from Air-Tech came out to give me an estimate and during his diagnosis pointed out that my AC unit was rated for almost twice the amps that my current circuit breaker could handle. He recommended upgrading the breaker first, as that could very well be the source of my issue. A few days later Mark Klotz from Air-Tech arrived, and in under an hour had the breaker replaced. Mark also ran some diagnostics on the unit and told me that everything looked good from an electrical perspective and to call them if the issue persisted.

Having dealt with multiple AC companies in the past I can say my experience with Air-Tech has been one of the best. Rod and Mark were both right on time and they took time to explain what they were doing, what they discovered, and how that may affect the functionality and longevity of my AC unit. Also, the communication from the technicians and the Air-Tech office in regards to appointments and arrival time is outstanding.

With another hot summer already here, if you need anything done to your AC, 1) Don't wait! and 2) Call Air-Tech. They'll give you an honest assessment at a reasonable price and you won't be disappointed.”

-Eric S.

Los Angeles, CA

“We needed our 16-year-old HVAC unit replaced, so I narrowed my Angie's List search down to seven Heating & Air Conditioning companies. The ones I chose all had an "A" rating with good reviews. Of those companies, two of them never returned my call, and one didn't work in Los Angeles (it's in Burbank but doesn't work in LA--go figure!). When I called Air-Tech, Heather, the Administrative Assistant, answered the phone--very friendly--and scheduled an appointment. Alex Fish was the Comfort Specialist that came to our home. He was on time, and called me on the road to let me know exactly when he'd arrive. Alex is very knowledgeable; studied every room, looked in the attic where our furnace is located, and examined our condenser and its power supply. Then we sat down and he showed us an illustrated booklet of a house that describes just how an HVAC unit works in a typical home. He walked us through the different systems and gave my wife and me options. He called the office to see if we qualified for an LADWP rebate and a Lennox rebate. We did. None of the other companies we'd seen were this thorough. Before he left, he had written out a detailed proposal including model numbers, what they do, the all-new gas piping, and drain and refrigeration line specifics, etc. Alex was the only person we had seen that wrote a complete proposal before he left the premises. A few days later, I called Alex with additional questions, and he talked to me for 20 minutes answering every question and concern I had. The job took a week to complete, and Carlos and his team covered the work area each day, were very professional and cleaned up at the end of the day, like they had never been there. Many of the technicians have been with Air-Tech for years. To me, that really says something about the company. My wife and I decided to go the permit route. Air-Tech pulled the permits, scheduled the duct testing (we passed), and Heather informed me of what was required with respect to smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and their proximity to any ceiling fans in our house. Because of her heads-up and the outstanding workmanship of the Air-Tech team, final inspection was a breeze. Two techs even came out to double-check everything before the inspector arrived.

I can't say enough about Air-Tech. A company that is honest, professional, and does excellent work. For any heating or air conditioning needs, Air-Tech cannot be beat.”

-Clifford Wilson.

Los Angeles, CA

We only needed to cool 2 upstairs, sun-facing rooms, as our HVAC was otherwise OK, except for these 2 problematic rooms. We liked the quote for the 2 units, but it did not make sense, thinking it through, to have 2 separate systems (traditional HVAC and ductless) at the same time, we felt.

We obtained a whole house quote, which is over 2000 square feet (1610 + 414 attached garage that will be converted to an ADU this year). My only concern was, "how are these wall-mounted units going to cool my entire house?" We have lots of open space and a 2-story height ceiling in 1 open area. The installation went well, with the professional team cleaning up after themselves daily and keeping us in the loop as to what they were doing. When the system was finally fired up, I was BLOWN away...literally. Open air, sun facing rooms, whatever area....these units work VERY well; even better, in fact, than the traditional HVAC system. Whisper quiet, the ability to warm or cool just the areas you want to and a slight savings in our electric bill as well.

Do NOT price things out online, as you very well might be able to buy units online on the cheap, but you can also buy a "crate" Corvette motor online as well. Good luck trying to install something so high tech, and should you or an experienced handyman do something wrong, you will void the warranty. You wouldn't build a Corvette in your garage and expect it to perform like one from the factory, and you shouldn't try to DIY a mini-split system either.

Expect to spend more and also expect to be fully satisfied that you have increased the value of your home (we refinanced recently, and it DID increase the value) while improving the comfort and living standard for you and your loved ones.

5 stars and 2 thumbs up!”

-Paul A.

Arcadia, CA

“Wonderful. Period.

Larry came out to give us free estimate on fixing a previously installed AC unit. He was honest and to the point, which I appreciated. We decided to go with him. Francisco and Edwin came out to complete the job. They were thorough, polite, and efficient. They accommodated our schedule. Glad we chose to go through them! Good quality work!

Update: a few weeks later and the heater doesn't work?!! Called them back, Mark came out. Another great experience! I am very happy with Air Tech. I will HIGHLY recommend to anyone!”

-Claudia R.

Pasadena, CA

“DO NOT go anywhere else for your HVAC needs! You can, but you would be wasting your time. From the initial visit out to quote the job, to the time they left job completed, the techs took the upmost pride and personal care for my home as if it was their own. All questions I had were answered in detail and I was left feeling confident in the choice I made in choosing this company to ensure my family's comfort and safety for many years to come. Oh, and the fact that I couldn't find a spec of dust, from any work they had magically performed, was a HUGE plus for a neat freak like me!!

If you need to "chill out" or prefer to be "hot and bothered" CALL Air-Tech TODAY!”

-Garrett M.

Glendora, CA

“I recently found myself with no workable heater. After getting bids from six companies I found Air-Tech to be the most sensible and cost effective. Alex, the Project Manager, is a very good listener and communicator. He came to my house examined and measured each room, checked the electric box, and surveyed the house outside to make sure he knew all the possibilities for installing the unit. He put together several options from which to choose. All of the proposals were geared to satisfy my needs as well as being suitable for my house. He spent time going over all the details with no pressure for me to make a quick decision. I felt confident that Air-Tech would do a reliable job.

The Lead Installer, Steve, arrived promptly each morning. He had years of experience, was extremely, professional, and above all, took pride in his work. Each morning he went over each step they were taking so there would be no surprises. When finished, I had central heating and air conditioning.

Excellent company with an exceptional staff. Without reservation I would recommend Air-Tech Air Conditioning and Heating.”

-Bob E.

Eagle Rock, CA

“Air tech has provided me with outstanding service for the last year.

When I moved into my new home I had the bad fortune of the HVAC blower breaking days after moving in. I called several companies who tried to scam me into deep cleaning services. Finally I called Air-Tech and Mark came out to look at my problem. He quickly identified the out of balance fan and damaged blades. I knew the fan was damaged from my own inspection prior to calling anyone, so they immediately won some favor by giving me an accurate diagnosis and not attempting to sell me cleaning services that wouldn't fix the broken fan. I signed up for their annual service program, which provided a discount on the work that pretty much paid for itself on that visit.

Later I noticed some air leaking in through wall sockets in my basement. Mark again came out and identified the issue of some shoddy installer work leaving gaps between flex ducting. My ducts are fairly old and will need replacing eventually, but Mark was able to do a fantastic job updating the badly taped joints on much of the ducting and it made a big difference in the cooling to the upper floors.

The last service call was a combination of my annual checkup and a concern about loud noises coming from my compressor. Again Mark was able to quickly measure the electrical draw on the compressor and identify it as very near total failure. He came back a couple days later with a replacement compressor and did outstanding work fitting the new unit. The joints where the new compressor connected were all extremely clean and well done (even in places where a customer wouldn't normally look). Mark is an outstanding technician and looking at his work you can tell he takes pride in his trade. The service program also saved me some money on this repair.

Hopefully I won't need to call Air-Tech again in the near future, but I'm glad I found a trustworthy company for my HVAC needs.”

-David P.

West Hollywood, CA

“The best customer service you can experience. I called Air-Tech to inquire about a mini-split A/C. The lady who took my call was so helpful and scheduled a convenient time to meet with their sales guy. Days later I met Alex Fish who was clearly more interested in what I needed as opposed to making a sale. I truly appreciated his genuineness, knowledge and customer focus. A week later, the installation crew came out to install my new mini-split. Alex was there too at the start to make certain everything was good and to answer any questions. The installation guys were very nice and courteous. After install, they gave me a course on operating the unit. I could not be happier with the unit and experience.

Bonus: Alex handled all the product and warranty registration for me. Nice touch!”

-Lorin W.

Altadena, CA

“With the horrible air quality due to the fires, I wanted to get a whole house air purifier. A friend referred me to Rod at Air-Tech. He came over and gave us a quote on installation of the Air Scrubber with a UV light to kill bacteria and viruses. Two days later, his technician came over and did the installation. I feel so good about having this unit. Rod and his team were so courteous and professional.

I will only work with them going forward.”

-Janice C.

Burbank, CA

“If you are seeking an HVAC company that is responsive, knowledgeable, professional and an overall good value, Airtech is all that!

I am so glad I found Airtech to provide an HVAC-replacement solution! My previous rooftop unit was monstrous and had an ugly, inefficient, serpentine array of un-insulated ducts that did not effectively heat or cool the house even before it broke down completely.

I met with a number of reps from HVAC companies to try to puzzle through how to affordably and effectively get a new system that actually worked, but many of them did not seem up to task of how to do this amid the structural constraints of our home. Some did not even follow through with submitting estimates! This dragged on for months while I was shivering in my Uggs in front of my space heater and then sweating my butt off when it started to get hot again.

Enter Airtech´s Alex Fish. He was incredibly patient and diligent in answering all my technical and aesthetic system design questions! He helped me arrive at the decision to install wall-mounted mini-split units - a standard one placed near the ceiling for my bedroom and an alternative model situated near the floor for our living room that was better from an interior design perspective. He was knowledgeable about how to properly place the system components in the interior and exterior of my house according to product specifications, which reassured me that it would continue to work at its full efficiency for years to come.

And I went with his suggestion to, instead of getting an additional wall unit at this time in our office room that we weren´t sure we needed, just get a system with capacity to spare to add that on later if we like.

Alex also gave me a thorough run-down of my options for removal of my old system on the roof and I opted for him removing the unit and cutting-and-capping all the old ducts and it turned out great!

Finally, Alex was kind enough to open up a slot in the Airtech schedule to accommodate my requests for prompt installation dates during early May, which, from what I gather, is a high demand period for HVAC companies.

I so glad to finally to finally have my HVAC quest over and move in with my life LOL! Thanks Airtech!”

-Mia M.

Huntington Park, CA

“Our central heat went out last night. I called Air-Tech this morning. They had a technician out to my house at 12:30, preceding his arrival with a text that enabled me to track him (including a brief biography and picture), followed by a call (telling me he was 30 minutes out). Pete Martinez was on time, courteous, clean and sharp, professional, and friendly. He was glad to answer my "please teach me" questions about the process. He identified the problem with careful diagnosis, completed the repair, and also did a series of diagnostics (including on my central AC) to make sure all was working. This all took a little less than an hour. I give Pete Martinez an A for excellence. If he is a typical technician for Air-Tech, then I give Air-Tech an A too.

I do have one small suggestion. The kind and courteous woman on the phone explained that a service call was ~ $119 no matter the result, and I view this as standard business practice. She further explained that any parts would be extra and any time over the first hour would be billed at $24.95 per quarter hour, which also seemed reasonable. When Pete initially brought up the charges, however, Pete explained that charges for parts included flat rate labor ($174 in my case), with time added to this. When I told him what I had been told, he simply charged me the $174, which was certainly fair. It would just help if the process for computing charges would be consistently communicated by the dispatcher and the technician. I might have misunderstood, but more clarity would have helped.

Again, overall, my experience was excellent, and I would definitely recommend them and/or call again myself, especially if Pete is on the job.”

-Jeff B.

Monrovia, CA

“I am so satisfied with the service! Evelyn is such a nice person, always taking care of the costumer and trying to help. The technician Mark so professional too. He was on time, he was so respectful and explained everything to me in a way that I understood.

I totally recommend them!!”

-Luly G.

Hawthorne, CA

“Alex Fish and his team did an excellent job installing AC units in two rooms in my house. Air-Tech's office staff are also on top of everything.

The Air-Tech quote was in the middle of the three quotes I got. One was way cheaper, but they use their own brand of air conditioners and they don't deal with city permits, so I wasn't fully confident. The Costco quote was more expensive, even with the member and credit card discounts I was eligible for.

Alex was able to schedule the installation in a small window of availability that I had, which I appreciated. There was one possible obstacle getting the lines through my ancient attic, but the guys kept at it until they were successful.

Everything else went without incident, and I'm looking forward to our first heatwave so I can use it! The units are very quiet, which is important to me. It even has a setting where the air just creeps out of the unit and you don't even know it's on.”

-Duncan S.

Pasadena, CA

I am extremely satisfied with professionalism of Air Tech. I have two 4 ton systems that were installed when the house was built over 20 years ago. After receiving $600 to $800 electric bills in the summer, I decided it was time to upgrade the systems. Air Tech install 2 Lenox 4 ton systems and we have never been happier. The sales man Rod explained how inefficient the original installation was and that we needed to relocate the second unit closer to the other side of the house. This would cut down on the duct runs and improve the efficiency in the Master Bedroom. (This was very important to ME) After they completed the installation, I now fully understand what he was talking about. Why didn't the home builder install it correctly in the first place???

All of Air Tech's installers were nice and very courteous. They laid out drop cloths each morning and cleaned up everything each night. They were in and out in one week, right on schedule with what Rod promised. The house now maintains temperature which it never did before. I have now received my first electric bill and even though it is winter time, it was the lowest bill for the entire 2014 year. I am very excited to see how these units perform this summer. I would highly recommend Air Tech.”

-Rich D.

Upland, CA

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